About Accounting Plus

While starting my accounting practice in early 2004, I figured what better way for a start-up CPA practice to grow then to cater to Start-up investor backed companies. Not just in the traditional sense, but from the standpoint of what these companies needed internally.


Hence was born the concept that the internal finance function of a small start-up could be outsourced to a CPA firm with a team of professionals. Investor backed start-ups do not have enough work at each of these levels for a full time employee. Nor do they have the financial resources for a full time person. We offer our clients a solution to this problem and provide the necessary services to fulfill the work done at the bookkeeper, controller and CFO levels within the organization. We do not necessarily replace your existing CPA firm; we become your internal finance department. Further, we are able to work through GAAP and IFRS reporting issues and suggest solutions so our client’s financial reporting systems are accurate. We can also spot tax issues that are specific to start-ups and suggest solutions. .


Services are tailored to each individual client based upon need. We have developed a service model that allows us to perform the required work remotely and in a cost effective manner. Usually for smaller clients, we prefer to provide our services off-site. However, weekly/bi-weekly visits and reporting is not a problem. This is usually determined by the client and level of work required. If our clients need access to the QuickBooks database while allowing us access 24/7, we have a solution. We are well versed in the use of QuickBooks and I have been certified by Intuit on the 2009 version. Finally, fees are usually a fixed monthly payment given the scope of the services provided.


We have worked with over 70+ start-ups since 2005. Some are well know within the medical device and internet fields. Our most successful client was one that started with three students from The University of Pennsylvania in 2005, raised over 15 million over the next four years and grew to 250 employees in five cities before hiring a full time internal finance staff to assume the functions Accounting Plus was providing. (Yodle.com)


If you are the CEO of a start-up and do not want to get involved in the bookkeeping of your company’s finances, feel free to contact me.


 Alan H. Lipoff, CPA


301 Oxford Valley Rd


Yardley, PA 19067